Secret Stacks – Episode 1

April 2015 – Show Notes
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Episode 1! In this episode, Kristin and Thomas introduce themselves and the show. We go into Mailbag questions and discuss our three favorite things we read this month.

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Stuff We Discussed

How To Keep Up With Comics Series Without a Local Shop

(Disclaimer: there are plenty, PLENTY of indie publishers and series out there that would comprise a small phone book to include here. These links are meant to cover 99% of what people conventionally mean by “comics,” although the wide world of webcomics will be its own episode later.)


  • Marvel Unlimited – ($10/month for all of Marvel’s catalog, minus the past six months)
  • Comixology – (Just about everything you could ask for, complete with regular sales, bundles, and digital-first titles)
  • Dark Horse Digital: (Dark Horse does not use Comixology for distribution [EDIT: Now they do! But Dark Horse’s app and digital store are still available.)


“How do I justify comics to my board/staff?”


“Where do I start reading superhero comics?”


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