Episode 29: Get Outta Here, Vonnegut!

Who cares about literature when you could be reading comics, aka ART?

I said, did it LOOK like a DOLLAR BIN pick? Because you dogeared it like one!

Kristin and Thomas discuss a variety of things this week! RFID tags, Mr. Glass from Unbreakable, the world of Stand Up Comedy and of course, the most recent Marvel PR disaster! Kristin and Thomas also talk about their picks! Enjoy!

M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable Sequel

Secret Empire, Explained

DC Comics get download codes!

Valiant incentive bonuses for pre-ordering whole story arcs

J.A. Micheline & Dave Gibbons on the nine-panel grid

Aquaman’s spork

Kristin’s Picks

Turning Japanese 9781937541163

Life With Mr. Dangerous 9780345494412

Thomas’s Picks

Empress 9781302902063

Roughneck 9781476773995


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