Episode 46: Stay Out of The Aisle

Is summer over already? Hop in the Secret Stacks wayback machine to the end of April, releasing now in September! Back then, Avengers: Infinity War was a theatrical event and not just a series of kiosks asking you to extend this endless cultural experience for one… more… film. There was still time to vote in the Eisners. Universal Fan Con was still flickering in the convention consciousness. Plus a con report from Kristin and fresh picks that will never spoil!

Voting On The Eisners

Philly Comic Con Does Universal Fan Con Ticket Holders A Solid

Barnes & Noble Is Adding A Kids Graphic Novel Section

SEE-IT Awards


Kristin’s Picks

Bingo Love 9781534307506

As The Crow Flies 9781945820069


Thomas’s Picks

Lighter Than My Shadow 9781941302415

Satania 9781681121437


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