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Episode 54: The Quebec Affair

They sent us to shut it down! Kristin and Thomas deliver the Quebec Library Association‘s closing keynote. We aimed for a mixture of history, advocacy, passion, industry trends, and a few laughs along the way. What do a couple of American librarians have to share about comics? Come find out! (Note: there is a brief […]

Episode 53: Happy-Go-Lucky Comics Librarians

This is a mini-episode recorded while waiting for John Wick 3, but there’s more content than ever! Kristin and Thomas talk about the Quebec Library Association Conference and the sessions they saw there. Does your library acknowledge use of native lands? What is the best way to utilize a religious space for community programming? Toronto […]

Episode 51: Welcome To Secret Slams, Your Wrestling In Libraries Podcast

Kristin reports on Wrestlemania, WWE, and C2E2. Buy more indie comics! What are the pros and cons of separating your collection’s DC and Marvel titles within the graphic novel stacks? What about grouping all the manga together? What is the ideal browsing scenario for your patrons? Do you pronounce cholera correctly? We namedrop a fair […]

Episode 50: Wave of the Future

Kristin’s been injured, and only your listening can heal her! Well, that and #GraphicMedicine, right? We talk about the comics market, including recent and decade-old descriptions of the publishing and sales landscapes. Do you prefer comics in color or black and white? Who’s the “real” Captain Marvel? Nominate comics you love for recognition! All this […]

Episode 49: The Fireworks Were A No-Go

The Secret Stacks is kicking off 2019 with LOTS of comics recommendations! Luciano Vecchio’s giving away the digital files of his black superhero posters. Kristin’s making high-stakes librarian rounds among a herd of doctors. Both of them share stories of their ill-fated high school comics, then reminisce about being touched by the works of Rumiko […]

Episode 48: We’re Going International

The year is over, but your latest episode of The Secret Stacks has just begun! Kristin’s using the Arrowverse to fuel her bicycle training for a large gauntlet. BIG NEWS: We’re headed to Montreal in 2019 to deliver the keynote session of the Quebec Library Association’s annual conference! Kristin looks forward to watching Storage Wars […]

Episode 47: You Can Call It A Comeback Welcome to Episode 47! We’re back, baby! After a long summer hiatus we’ve returned to give you more comics goodness. We talk about the new Batwoman TV spot, Chelsea Cain getting hosed by Marvel yet again, Thomas’s summer comics entrepreneurship program and we take some questions from the listeners! We’re glad to be back! […]

Episode 46: Stay Out of The Aisle Is summer over already? Hop in the Secret Stacks wayback machine to the end of April, releasing now in September! Back then, Avengers: Infinity War was a theatrical event and not just a series of kiosks asking you to extend this endless cultural experience for one… more… film. There was still time to vote […]

Episode 45: The Comics Festivus For The Midwest of Us   Welcome to Episode 45 of The Secret Stacks, your podcast about name brand footwear and knockoff drinkware. April Fool’s on Thomas and Kristin – opposite temperature extremes! It’s okay, though – Kristin can escape to the comfy halls and adjoining hotel of C2E2 while Thomas takes a nap on his back, the […]

Episode 44: Darkseid Is. Ava Too. With ALA Annual taking place in New Orleans this summer, Kristin and Thomas reminisce about meeting there in 2011, plus convention observations in general. Student protests and repatriation get free, informative comics treatments.  A creator objecting to misuse of his intellectual property gets labeled as “the establishment” by… an establishment. March pollen ruined Thomas’s […]