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Episode 46: Stay Out of The Aisle Is summer over already? Hop in the Secret Stacks wayback machine to the end of April, releasing now in September! Back then, Avengers: Infinity War was a theatrical event and not just a series of kiosks asking you to extend this endless cultural experience for one… more… film. There was still time to vote […]

Episode 45: The Comics Festivus For The Midwest of Us   Welcome to Episode 45 of The Secret Stacks, your podcast about name brand footwear and knockoff drinkware. April Fool’s on Thomas and Kristin – opposite temperature extremes! It’s okay, though – Kristin can escape to the comfy halls and adjoining hotel of C2E2 while Thomas takes a nap on his back, the […]

Episode 44: Darkseid Is. Ava Too. With ALA Annual taking place in New Orleans this summer, Kristin and Thomas reminisce about meeting there in 2011, plus convention observations in general. Student protests and repatriation get free, informative comics treatments.  A creator objecting to misuse of his intellectual property gets labeled as “the establishment” by… an establishment. March pollen ruined Thomas’s […]

Episode 43: Doing The Dang Thing A whole lot of news meets a whole lot of delays – what happened to our audio in February? It’s all good, just a little late. Better done than perfect, right? And these picks are so fresh they’re well within their expiration dates! Get with the times, New York Times – comics are only […]

Episode 42: Dibs & Dabs   There’s a new Teen Center in town! Media companies are calling dibs on IP lines left and right. Does comics distribution need a shakeup to make entrance easier? What is proper dabbing etiquette? All of these topics plus some fresh picks for the second episode of January 2018. (Go Eagles!)   DMG acquires […]

Episode 41: The Wakanda/Themyscira Ice Cream Social Who has time to say ‘when’ while there’s money to be made and lost? Superhero news everywhere! Black Panther, Black Lightning, Valiant, and the Catalyst Prime universe are offering a little variety. Want something else? Explore our Goodreads categories! Don’t be like Thomas, hunting for affordable Absolutes – buy comics that will put your […]

Episode 40: Upgrades All Around This is it, the final episode of 2017, recorded on the last day of the old year and published on the first day of the new! Kristin and Thomas gloat about their new podcasting toys before discussing a new comics creation tool for all ages, courtesy of Earth’s global entertainment authority, Disney. We talk […]

Episode 39: Hipster Klingon   Is your baby a happy cooer or a frowning warlord? Does Kristin’s Aquaman Funko live in an aquarium, or the watery graveyards of the Great Lakes? Will Black Panther make us all forget about Star Wars and Avengers running on fumes? Will Disney’s corporate fiefdom continue to consume everything and everyone? (Marvel Comics […]

Episode 38: Like A Bad Sitcom On Episode 38 of Secret Stacks, Kristin and Thomas discuss their Thanksgiving adventures, the insane saga of C.B. Cebulski, and their favorite Christmas Carol version. They also answer the most important questions out there: Which Flash is the best? How shirtless is Aquaman in Justice League? How great is Taika Waititi? Kristin settles a […]

Episode 37: Think Globally, Act Locally Kristin and Thomas are the new “Tom Goes To The Mayor,” a show they both enjoy. Comic book movies Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, Atomic Blonde, My Friend Dahmer, and A Silent Voice are all mentioned. Our hosts compare “low-brow opera” and the Zelda Symphony to reading according to your tastes. No snobs allowed! All […]