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Episode 57: Librarianship In The Age of Pandemic

Life – Work – Comics! How have each of these three been affected by Covid-19 and the pandemic sweeping the globe? Kristin and Thomas are trying their best to help people and themselves. Hunker down with another podcast to make the days go by easier. We have links, recommendations, and good ol’ anecdotes from a […]

Episode 52: We Am The Fool

Kristin’s back on Twitter! If you’re a librarian or a professional wrestler, watch out! A Free Comic Book Day anecdote results in relationship advice. Kristin’s down with ILL. Thomas resigns from public librarianship to tend to a massive comics library (in his dreams). #NotAllTeachers #Pedagogy #ListenToDiddy #PrettyDiddy #GraphicMedicine #EyeAmTheFool Guilt Cake Comics Beat: Baker & […]