Episode 13: C2E2

C2E2 Panel

(Huyen Diep, Thomas Maluck, Tracy Boehm, and Kristin Lalonde)

Kristin and Thomas talk about all of their adventures at this years Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) where they were panelists. They talk extensively (almost too extensively?) about pizza, hot dogs and doughnuts that they have enjoyed. Also they give you Con Tips and Thomas has audio clips from some fine folks he spoke too. They also go over DC’s ReBirth announcement! And of course, their three picks for the month!

Fill your life with sugar, dough, and love: Chicago’s Do-Rite Donuts.

DC Rebirth: New creative teams

Faith Is Breaking The Rules For Fat Girls

Ongoing series for Faith confirmed!

Vote for our ALA Ignite Session

Thanks to David F. Walker and Atom! Freeman for talking to us!



Kristin’s Three Picks

Faith 9781682151211

Junior Scientist Power Hour 9780692480595

Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People 9781894994866


Thomas’s Three Picks

Clean Room 9781401262754

Godzilla in Hell 9781631405341

Swamp Thing: Season’s End 9781401257705


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Secret Stacks artwork by Severin Piehl, creator of Tove

Theme song by Julie Jurgens, who blogs at Hi, Miss Julie! and is on twitter as @himissjulie and @JulieJurgens