Episode 14: Prince + Princeless

Secret Stacks, Episode 14! SUPER FRESH. Kristin and Thomas talk about the 2016 Eisner nominees, the politics of awards and the sadness and controversy behind Shelly Bond being let go as an editor of Vertigo. Thomas reports back from SC Comic Con with clips from Jeremy Whitley, the creator of Princeless and members of the band SOUND OF THUNDER. Kristin met a cow named Ricky at a Maple Syrup Festival. AND SO MUCH MORE. Plus all of their monthly picks! Come get some!


Pirating Shakespeare

Free Comic Book Day

Eisner nominees

Shelly Bond Removed From Vertigo

SC Comic Con

Comics Beat: “Comics toxic heritage strikes again as DC editor named as sexual harasser”

Abhay Khosla’s take on harassment in comics

Comics written by Jeremy Whitley

“Tower of Souls” from A Sound of Thunder’s album Tales From The Deadside, inspired by the Shadowman comics

Prince available for streaming via Hoopla

Behold! Meghan Hetrick‘s list of Stoopid Questions & Comments, from her SC Comic Con booth:




Kristin’s Picks

The Infinite Wait and Other Stories (9780987963024)

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks (9781593621353) (related: the sequel webcomic, The Baron of Prospect Avenue)

The Love Bunglers (9781606997291)


Thomas’s Picks

Ivar, Timewalker (9781682151198)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part I, Phantom Blood (9781421578798) (related: Panels.net’s Guide To Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye (9781101870693)


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