Episode 15: We Accept Lump Sums & Regular Payments, Hoopla

Thomas got his wisdom teeth removed! Kristin is starting a new job! People are mad at comics! But probably for good reasons. They talk about Hydra!Cap, the arguments, the counter-arguments and the counter-counter-arguments. They discuss Rebirth, the most recent event in DC Comics but they avoid giving away any spoilers (because they’re good people). They also talk about Comixology Unlimited, what it is, what you get and what people are saying about it! And of course, Kristin and Thomas have a special message for Hoopla! Come on in and listen to their hot takes!

Captain America #1’s Hydra Reveal

DC Rebirth (Related: Thomas’s Panels article about spoilers)

Comixology Unlimited

Dewey Decibel podcast stealing our hard-earned Hoopla money [citation not needed, we have the high ground]

R.I.P. comic book artist and writer Darwyn Cooke

Gallery of Darwyn Cooke’s month of variant covers for DC

The Secret Stacks: Your Comics In Libraries Podcast” Ignite session at ALA Orlando

Best/Worst Comics & Manga For Adults” panel at ALA Orlando


Kristin’s Picks

DC: The New Frontier (9781401248888)

Rosalie Lightning (9781250049940)

Patience (9781606999059)


Thomas’s Picks (All-ages edition!)

Mega Man (9781879794856)

Three Thieves (9781554534159)

Little Nemo: Return To Slumberland (9781631400599)


Some screencaps from The Swords of Glass, available to read on Comixology Unlimited or $19.99 to buy the series (about 200 pages total across four books). Art by Laura Zuccheri:





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