Episode 17: Hot Trailers, Hot Summer, Warm-Colored Comics Covers

It’s comics awards season again! Kristin and Thomas talk about the Eisner Awards and how so many of their picks are on that list! They also discuss The Harveys and Valiant’s weird sweep of every single category. Kristin watches the Justice League trailer! They talk about Godzilla and King Kong for WAY longer than is appropriate! Plus their monthly picks! Come on down and get these hot comics takes! And stay tunes after the credits for the greatest pun ever told.

For anyone with opinions about The Killing Joke comic or movie: Thomas recommends The Brave & The Bold #33

Eisner Awards

Harvey Awards – Related: Valiant Comics on Hoopla

Halloween Comic Fest

Secret Stacks guest episode of Circulating Ideas (If we seem loopy during this Secret Stacks episode, it’s because we recorded the CircIdeas episode first. Download for our fresher takes!)

RIP Jack Davis

RIP Richard Thompson

(Consider the context of the “get hyped over trailers then give the movie 6/10” conversation – Thomas, who enjoyed Suicide Squad’s trailers, saw the movie well after this recording and rates it 6/10.)


Kristin’s Picks

Giant Days 9781608867899

A Matter of Life 9781603092661

Fires Above Hyperion 9781561639861


Thomas’s Picks

The Drawing Lesson – A Graphic Novel That Teaches You How To Draw 9780385346337

I Am A Hero 9781616559205

The Vision Vol.1: Little Worse Than A Man 9780785196570


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