Episode 18: #NotAllTeens

Stranger Secret Stacks


HASHTAG: TEENS! Kristin and Thomas talk about parks and public lands for a while, because NATURE. Thomas created a Stranger Things readalikes display and they discuss what a Library Themed role playing game would look like. They also spend a long time discussing and taking umbrage with the recent article, “Teenage Wasteland: Please, No More Teenage Heroes” which posits that teen superheroes are bad! Hashtag: Unpleasant. And of course, Kristin and Thomas discuss their picks for the month! Enjoy!


Parks across America

Five great comics for fans of Stranger Things

Teenage Wasteland: Please, No More Teenage Superheroes

Teenage Daydream: Welcome Aboard, Teenage Superheroes


Kristin’s Picks

Oh Joy Sex Toy 9780982343784

Steven Universe Vol. 1 9781608867066

Tiny Titans 9781401220785

Thomas’s Picks

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Vol. 1 Risen 9781682151235

Weirdworld, Vol. 1: Where Lost Things Go 9781302900434

Blue Beetle Vol. 1: Shellshocked 9781401209650 (this series needs reprints ASAP)

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