Episode 21: Start 2017 On The Moon


 What are we thankful for? Great comics! And you guys! This is the November episode of Secret Stacks! Thomas talks about his upcoming ALA Midwinter panel with Greg Rucka, Tom King and Ben Percy (UPDATE: Thomas can’t make it to Midwinter like he thought, but the great Marcela Peres will moderate that panel!). Kristin and Tom discuss the new America Chavez book coming out, March Book Three, new Dykes to Watch Out For, the trials and tribulations of John Stossel and Kristin’s science teacher who said the moon landing was faked! We also talk A LOT about CW shows, because they’re great.

In this episode, talks about Secret Stacks wanting to take YOU to the moon, regardless of what Kristin’s Science Teacher has to say about it! Record yourself talking up your favorite comic of 2016 and email it to us at secretstackspodcast@gmail.com for a chance to win a copy of Tom Gauld’s MOONCOP. We’ll play our favorites on the January episode, when we give our top picks from 2017! We’ll randomly draw from our favorite entries and we’ll send the selectee MOONCOP! More details in the episode so be sure and listen close! (Also by Tom Gauld and endorsed by us: You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack)

DC Rebirth panel at ALA Midwinter with Marcela Peres (update: I have to miss Midwinter this time, but go see the great Marcela!)

Gabby Rivera, “Quirky Rican”

March Book Three wins National Book Award

New “Dykes To Watch Out For”

Supergirl’s adoptive sister Alex came out as a lesbian on the TV show. Check out this touching story about connecting with a teen through the character/series. (Disclaimer: a character coming out should not be such big news in and of itself, but the character arc has been particularly well done and its positive reception is worth noticing (as opposed to “Why are gays in my superhero show” arms-crossers with too much time and too little empathy/perspective. Who wants the soapbox next?).

Archie on CW

Doctor Mirage series maybe coming to CW (Doctors Strange, Doom, Who, McNinja, Light, Fate, Manhattan, Mid-Nite all quite jeaous over this; no comment from Dr. Demento, who is/is not dead)

Danny Elfman / Oingo Boingo playing February 2017 in Big Bear Lake, California



Kristin’s Picks

The Fun Family 9781603093446

The Greatest of Marlys : 9781770462649

Josie and the Pussycats : 9781682559895


Thomas’s Picks

Lake of Fire 9781534300491

The Flintstones (Readalike: Prez)

Vietnamerica 9780345508720


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Bonus video: John Stossel getting slapped in the face (Always stick around after the credits!)