Episode 25: We’re All Going To Heck



Recorded on Monday, posted on Tuesday. Whoa! Quick turnaround. How are you liking the double shots? Kristin and Thomas swear to raise the bar on comics news, just as soon as they talk about Riverdale… and Lego Batman… and a Nightwing movie… any day now! We talk about showboaters versus laborers, ex-Vertigo editors Shelly Bond and Karen Berger moving on to promising new ventures, and a graphic novel removed from a school library! Oh, and the misplaced cult of personality behind Punisher. More than 30% of this episode consists of comics news, reviews, and anecdotes about Adult Swears. We’re all going to heck. Enjoy!

Comics Beat: Only 30 Percent of the News On Comics News Sites Is Actually About Comics

SC Comic Con and HeroesCon in the Carolinas – maybe say hi to Thomas at them!

Chipper Zdoosky writing Spectacular Spider-Man

The Comics Journal’s Jack Kirby Interview (Stan Lee ain’t all that)

Punisher emblem and ‘Blue Lives Matter’ decals on cop cars… okay…

Femme Magnifique Kickstarter

Karen Berger To Launch Berger Books Imprint At Dark Horse

Stuck In The Middle removed from middle school library

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s case study on Stuck In The Middle from 2011

America Chavez sale on Comixology

Black Comix Returns Kickstarter (act fast!)


Kristin’s Picks

Motor Crush 9781534301894

Today Is The Last Day of The Rest of Your Life 9781606995570

Thomas’s Picks

The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance 9780997484700

Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire 9781506701400


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