Episode 26: Not My Jughead

Who’s looking forward to convention season? Who’s already in the middle of it? Hooray! Thomas revisits a previous stance regarding depictions of Jughead. Everyone’s cool enough to admit they enjoy Prairie Home Companion… right? Up with Shelly Bond’s Black Crown! Up with Tom Taylor’s nation-sized embargo! Whether Spring in your neighborhood means rain or shine, we hope you find time to curl up with some good books. Just don’t get… erased!


NashiCon – Osamu Tezuka panel

A Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile

Shelly Bond Launches Black Crown Imprint With IDW

Tom Taylor’s statement about refusing to travel to America


Kristin’s Picks

Irmina 9783956400063

My Dirty Dumb Eyes 9781770461161

Thomas’s Picks

Secret Path 9781501155949

Erased  9780316553315 (the anime is really good too!)

(What’s with the disappearing children in this episode’s picks? Pure coincidence!)

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