Episode 28: Marvel’s Richard Nixon Strategy

Art by Alex Ross

Our recommendations this month don’t come from Marvel, but that won’t stop us from armchair-quarterbacking their recent controversies! Really popular challenged graphic novels get the official Secret Stacks endorsement well after their debuts (you’re welcome for that long tail, publishers!). We keep talking about convention culture and Osamu Tezuka. We can’t separate our nostalgia for Power Rangers from our current enjoyment of the new movie and comics. The grim reaper is breathing down all our necks, but we don’t have to despair. April is a cruel month for ending, but we can still enjoy it while it lasts.

Augusta Baker’s Dozen

Liminal Comics: Love Stories For Outcasts, Rebels & Misfits

Why Hiring Ex-Vertigo Editors Makes So Much Sense

The Outrage Over Marvel’s Alleged Diversity Blaming, Explained

Marvel “Generations”

File your complaints + corrections here

Ardian Syaf’s politics and religion on display in X-Men Gold #1

Some context and further reading from G. Willow Wilson

American Library Association’s Top Ten Most Challenged Books in 2016

Kristin’s Picks

Cosplayers 9781606999486

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? 9781608198061


Thomas’s Picks

The Complete Tales From The Con 9781534301009 (read some of the comics yourself here!)

Power Rangers 9781608868933


Bonus Picks

Drama 9780545326995

This One Summer 9781626720947

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