Episode 30: I Should’ve Known, It’s Always For The Lord

Comics! Getcher free comics heeah!

Free Comic Book Day stories! Pupusas! Pride Month! Comics sometimes ARE for kids? Other times they’re for church. Kristin and Thomas do not trust monopolies nor robots. They also forecast possible avenues for the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe, followed by fresh picks from other publishers.

Pupusa recipe

Consortium distributing Indie Comics, Diamond monopoly going down?

Diamond upgrading its storage and shipping abilities, monopoly going up?

Image Comics Pride Month Variants

Kids comics sales still growing

Shout-out to Amanda Foust of In The Library With A Comic Book and No Flying, No Tights fame!

Kristin’s Picks

Love In Vain: Robert Johnson 1911-1928 9780571328833

The Property (from 2013) 9781770461154


Thomas’s Picks

Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea 9781506701431

Wonder Woman, Volume 2: Year One 9781401268800


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