Episode 31: Get Out of Your Silo

Image source: hafuboti.com/2014/01/20/readers-assemble/


Secret Stacks Episode 31 for the end of May 2017! What a lovely day to talk about Conferences! Kristin went to the Medical Library Association conference in Seattle, Thomas laments about not being able to attend all the awesome comics related panels at the ALA conference this year and they both agree that socializing is the best part of any conference. Thomas also talks about his Wonder Woman movie experience (WONDER WOMAN MOVIE: PRETTY GOOD, Y’ALL, though it could have been intersectional) and of course, the picks!


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Desi Geek Girls Podcast

Hoopla’s LGBTQIA Collection

Richland Library’s Queer Comics

ALA Annual schedule keyword search

What Does Wonder Woman Actually Represent?

Austin Mayor Adler’s response about Alamo Drafthouse’s women-only Wonder Woman screening

Women-only screening receives legal complaint

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary article

Reading pathways for Wonder Woman comics

Marvel’s library problem

Insane Marvel digital deals (no link necessary, as the deals have ended, but the excitement was real)


Kristin’s Picks

Bones of the Coast (not yet in print)

Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads 9781419719455

Thomas’s Picks

Hostage, 9781770462793

Blade of the Immortal, 9781506701240


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