Episode 34: I Don’t Know About That


Kristin Lalonde: soft on Starfleet captains, hard on Batman! But wait: IS Kristin Batman? Are YOU? Don’t ask Alexa, she’s programmed to keep our secrets. Actually, can you order us some Werther’s Originals? Thomas and Kristin’s picks wound up predicting a whole lot of Eisner winners. Thomas has some games to recommend based on comics properties, plus some great animated films! Did you know a bunch of hot trailers debuted at San Diego Comic Con?? All this and the usual solid picks, now with lots of practical context!

Eisner Award winners, 2017

John Lewis visits the Center For Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. (and not the National Museum of African American History and Culture)

Almost Got ‘im: Batman: The Animated Series variant of Werewolf/Mafia

Marie Enger and Ray are offering art prints to anyone who donates money to trans-friendly organizations and messages them the proof! (while supplies last)

Free Go starter sets for schools/libraries!

All 23 volumes of Hikaru No Go for schools/libraries for $25!

Fathom Events Ghibli Fest

Graphic Medicine – “the intersection of comics & healthcare”

Penn State University Press’s graphic medicine book series


Kristin’s Picks

Not Funny Ha-Ha 9781606998397

The Bad Doctor 9780271067544

Thomas’s Picks

Hikaru No Go 9781591162223 (related: Takeshi Obata was a mentor to Eyeshield 21’s artist Yusuke Murata!)

Cells At Work! 9781632363565


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