Episode 35: Jurgens Country

We’ve got solar eclipse fever and there is no cure! Welcome to Secret Stacks Episode 35 for August! Kristin and Thomas talk about the dog days of summer, different library cosplay contests and more! Are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles superheroes? How great was Ducktales and how great will the new show be? They talk about the mess that was the response to “Make Mine Milkshake”. AND PICKS! Enjoy!

Johnson City Public Library Wins Cosplay Contest


Win A Teen Titans Cardboard Cutout from ALA!


“Make Mine Milkshake”

George Perez On His 1987 Wonder Woman Pitch (shoutouts to editors Janice Race and Karen Berger!)

Bonus! Some neat comics statues:

Incredible Hulk Library Statue (2013)

Statue of Harvey Pekar Unveiled (2012)

Robocop Statue In Progress


Kristin’s Picks

The Best We Could Do 9781419718779

Tangles 9781551111179

Thomas’s Picks

Green Lanterns Vol. 2: The Phantom Lantern 9781401268497

God Country 9781534302341


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