Episode 36: Things Are Hectic

Where have we been? Where have YOU been? Well, I guess that checks out. Kristin and Thomas revisit the ninja turtle topic, recommend some #GraphicMedicine appropriate picks, and say no to clowns. They also check out the latest ebook feature from Google, although Thomas is already smitten with ereading on the Kobo Aura One (though how could he not, right, deep-pocketed sponsor Rakuten?) All this and a knowing laugh for medical and academic librarians! You know what’s up. You’ve seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Kobo as our next unofficial sponsor

Daredevil + Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = Connected

Google + public library ebooks (strictly Overdrive?)

PBS: How You Can Help Hurricane Victims In Puerto Rico




Kristin’s Picks

Last Things 9781573246989

Roughneck 9781501160998

Thomas’s Picks

Black Jack 9781934287279

Fragments of Horror 9781421580791


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