Episode 38: Like A Bad Sitcom

On Episode 38 of Secret Stacks, Kristin and Thomas discuss their Thanksgiving adventures, the insane saga of C.B. Cebulski, and their favorite Christmas Carol version. They also answer the most important questions out there: Which Flash is the best? How shirtless is Aquaman in Justice League? How great is Taika Waititi? Kristin settles a debate about ghost humor.


Cebulski and Akira Yoshid at Marvel

(Similar story involving Best American Poetry anthology)

Eddie Berganza fired from DC

Amazonian Costumes

Henry Cavill Being Uncomfortable

Goldie Vance movie

She Makes Comics

Batman & Bill


Kristin’s Picks

Uncomfortably Happily 9781770462601

Going Into Town: A Love Letter To New York 9781632869784


Thomas’s Picks

Mech Cadet Yu 9781684151950 (Discover Now edition out in comics shops in January!)

Just So Happens 9781419715969


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