Episode 39: Hipster Klingon


Is your baby a happy cooer or a frowning warlord? Does Kristin’s Aquaman Funko live in an aquarium, or the watery graveyards of the Great Lakes? Will Black Panther make us all forget about Star Wars and Avengers running on fumes? Will Disney’s corporate fiefdom continue to consume everything and everyone? (Marvel Comics now on Hoopla!) Free Comic Book Day titles have been announced, and between those and our picks, there’s something for everyone. All of this and more for the first episode of December 2017.


Disney-Fox Deal’s Effect On Boom Studios Movies

Free Comic Book Day 2018


Questions from listener Victoria:

1) How do you feel that about how our current state of our country is starting to feel similar to certain comics(ex. Watchmen, Ms. Marvel, etc.)?

2) The international podcast “Welcome To Night Vale” will be adapted into a TV series next year. What are your thoughts on trying to translating a work of spoken word into a visual medium?

3) Today marks the 3-year-anniversary of Korrasami; do you think that LGBT representation in media has gotten better since this fictional couple’s debut?

4) Since the release of the new Star Wars film (which I haven’t seen yet so don’t say anything), I continue to ask myself when this eternal war amongst the stars will ever end; will the Rebels win against the Empire or will they just continue this perpetual battle so long as the Mouse can enough moolah from the merch it generates?


Cebulski Profile & Apology

LEGO The Flash Trailer (what, it’s cute)

A List of the Lists of Great Comics & Graphic Novels of 2017

Comixology end-of-year sales

Marvel Comics on Hoopla


Kristin’s Picks

Josephine Baker 9781910593295

Hot Dog Taste Test 9781770462373


Thomas’s Picks

Marathon 9781596436800

A Wrinkle In Time 9780374386153


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