Episode 40: Upgrades All Around

Which of us is Jim, and which is Bruce? Have you ever seen us in the same room together?

This is it, the final episode of 2017, recorded on the last day of the old year and published on the first day of the new! Kristin and Thomas gloat about their new podcasting toys before discussing a new comics creation tool for all ages, courtesy of Earth’s global entertainment authority, Disney. We talk about proven methods for multiplying checkouts by high school students. There’s a new tip jar on the website – your support means everything to us, even if you’d rather enjoy our content for free. All this and our fresh picks to close out the year.


Create your own Marvel comics! (with some restrictions)

Puerto Rico comic anthology coming in March, all profits going to help Puerto Rico

How My Library Doubled Its Circulation

Kristin’s Picks

Poppies of Iraq : Findakly 9781770462939

Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland 9781940878065


Thomas’s Picks

Justice League: The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 9781401273705

Bingo Love 9781534307506


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