Episode 41: The Wakanda/Themyscira Ice Cream Social

Who has time to say ‘when’ while there’s money to be made and lost? Superhero news everywhere! Black Panther, Black Lightning, Valiant, and the Catalyst Prime universe are offering a little variety. Want something else? Explore our Goodreads categories! Don’t be like Thomas, hunting for affordable Absolutes – buy comics that will put your money to good use. All this and some fresh picks from years past, plus a new recipient of the Unanimous Recommendation honor. No matter what pushed you out of comics, there are plenty of titles ready for your return.


Black Panther pre-sales

First black lesbian superhero on Black Lightning

Lion Forge’s “Catalyst Prime” superhero universe on Hoopla – Noble, Accell, Superb, Incidentals, KINO, Summit

Faith clothing line

The Secret Stacks on Goodreads (tell us if you’d like us to use a new category)

Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story (Comixology link; proceeds go toward the Fellowship of Reconciliation)


Kristin’s Picks

Andre The Giant: Life and Legend 9781596438514

On The Camino 9781683960218


Thomas’s Picks

Race To Incarcerate: A Graphic Retelling 9781595585417 (related: The Innocence Project)

Port of Earth 9781534306462


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Secret Stacks logo and avatar by Severin Piehl, go read his webcomic Tove

Theme song by Julie Jurgens, y’all