Episode 42: Dibs & Dabs

Goooooo Eagles!


There’s a new Teen Center in town! Media companies are calling dibs on IP lines left and right. Does comics distribution need a shakeup to make entrance easier? What is proper dabbing etiquette? All of these topics plus some fresh picks for the second episode of January 2018. (Go Eagles!)


DMG acquires Valiant Entertainment

Black Panther premiere

Netflix acquires MillarWorld

Gabriel Ba & Gerard Way mark beginning of filming Umbrella Academy

Trailer for I Kill Giants

Diamond maybe allowing pre-orders?


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Dark Horse (their website sends people to Things From Another World)

DC Comics



Discount Comic Book Service


Kristin’s Picks

Imagine Wanting Only This 9781101870839

The Hunting Accident 9781626726765 (related: The Crucial Hint)


Thomas’s Picks

Eternity 9781682152652

The Gods Lie 9781942993360


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