Episode 44: Darkseid Is. Ava Too.

From Wonder Woman #12 (New 52), by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Matthew Wilson, and Jared K. Fletcher

With ALA Annual taking place in New Orleans this summer, Kristin and Thomas reminisce about meeting there in 2011, plus convention observations in general. Student protests and repatriation get free, informative comics treatments.  A creator objecting to misuse of his intellectual property gets labeled as “the establishment” by… an establishment. March pollen ruined Thomas’s throat, but the picks are still fresh! Check in to your nearest boom tube and have a listen, won’t you?


Ava Duvernay directing ‘New Gods’ film for DC

NashiCon and C2E2 are upon us again

Marcela wants to hang out with us and “talk comics for a bunch of hours” – can do!

Nic Cage Finally Playing Superman (as a cartoon)

Two-Fisted Library Stories paired us with @carissapffffft “in the mystery of the dread incorrect citation”

Black Panther clears $1B worldwide

Pepe creator sues InfoWars “The establishment wants this taken down.”

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Guide To Student Protests

Repatriation Comic written by Sonya Atalay

Kristin’s Picks

Adulthood is a Myth 9781449474195

The End of the Fxxxing World 9781606999837


Thomas’s Picks

Puerto Rico Strong 9781941302903

Quantum & Woody 9781682152690



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