Episode 45: The Comics Festivus For The Midwest of Us



Welcome to Episode 45 of The Secret Stacks, your podcast about name brand footwear and knockoff drinkware. April Fool’s on Thomas and Kristin – opposite temperature extremes! It’s okay, though – Kristin can escape to the comfy halls and adjoining hotel of C2E2 while Thomas takes a nap on his back, the common cure for plantar fasciitis #GraphicMedicine. Movements regarding spoilers, a new Puerto Rico comics anthology, and 30 Days of Autistic Art are all discussed, plus fresh picks as always.



Kristin and Derek from Comics Alternative interview Suzy Hopkins and Hallie Bateman


Ada Palmer website

Ricansctruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico


If The Story Matters, Then Spoilers Matter

Cross-Universe Comics Crossovers

Paper Girls

Something Terrible

Why Hal Jordan Should Not Be In The Next Green Lantern Movie

30 Days of Autistic Art



Kristin’s Picks

What To Do When I’m Gone 9781632869685

Chainmail Bikini 9781513600123


Thomas’s Picks

Batman / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 9781401262785

Green Lantern: Earth One 9781401241865


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