Episode 48: We’re Going International

The year is over, but your latest episode of The Secret Stacks has just begun! Kristin’s using the Arrowverse to fuel her bicycle training for a large gauntlet. BIG NEWS: We’re headed to Montreal in 2019 to deliver the keynote session of the Quebec Library Association’s annual conference! Kristin looks forward to watching Storage Wars in a Canadian hotel. Thomas credits his recent wedding to The Legend of Zelda – thanks, Akira Himekawa! Kate Kane and Mera brought the DC redheads this year. TKO tries out a new publishing model – how will libraries keep up? All this and plenty of fresh picks, all for you!

Aquaman Trailer

Into The Spider-Verse’s Speed Racer moment with “What’s Up Danger”

Deadly Class Pilot Episode

Titans reviews – Episode One, Two and Three, Four Five and Six, Seven Eight and Nine

TKO ComicsNew York Times WriteupThomas’s review of debut series Sara

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Recommendations

Spider-Gwen 9780785197737

Spider-Men 9780785165347

Spider-Man: Noir (sold out in print!)

Spider-Man: Miles Morales 9780785199618

Aquaman Recommendations

Aquaman by Peter David 9781401277468

Aquaman (New 52) 9781401237103

Aquaman Rebirth 9781401267827

Mera: Queen of Atlantis 9781401285302

The Secret Stacks Top 10 Comics of 2018

Kristin’s Picks

Sabrina by Nick Drnaso 9781770463165

Bingo Love: Jackpot Edition 9781534309838

Coyote Doggirl 9781770463257

My Boyfriend Is A Bear 9781620104873

All The Answers 9781501166433

Thomas’s Picks

Tokyo Tarareba Girls 9781632366856

Barakamon 9780316336086

Delicious In Dungeon 9780316471855

To Your Eternity 9781632365712Speak: The Graphic Novel 9780374300289

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