Episode 52: We Am The Fool

Kristin’s back on Twitter! If you’re a librarian or a professional wrestler, watch out! A Free Comic Book Day anecdote results in relationship advice. Kristin’s down with ILL. Thomas resigns from public librarianship to tend to a massive comics library (in his dreams). #NotAllTeachers #Pedagogy #ListenToDiddy #PrettyDiddy #GraphicMedicine


Guilt Cake

Comics Beat: Baker & Taylor Shuts Down Retail Distribution Business

ICv2 & Comichron: Comics Sales 2018

Why Parents Should Rejoice That Their Young Readers Are Gobbling Up Graphic Novels

Circulating Ideas

Poet Sara Holbrook can’t answer standardized test questions about her own poem

Comics & Critical Librarianship

A Blockbuster Collection of Comics: Nearly 200,000 Items Donated To University of South Carolina Libraries (Thanks, Gary Watson!)

USC SLIS Deans’ and Directors’ Lecture – Secret Stacks earns us the F. William Summers Outstanding Alumni Award

2019’s Eisner Nominees Announced

Do you work with comics? Vote on the Eisners!

Kristin’s Picks

When I Arrived At The Castle 9781927668689

The Breakaways 9781250196941

Thomas’s Picks

Kid Gloves: Nine Months of Careful Chaos 9781626728080

Apocalypse Taco 9781419733734

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