Secret Stacks – Episode 3


June 2015 – Show Notes
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Episode 3! In this episode, Kristin and Thomas discuss comic book sales vs. comic book movie sales, comic book store experiences, the Archie Kickstarter, A-Force, and much more! They also answer some readers advisory questions and discuss their three favorite things this month!

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Stuff We Discussed

April Comic Book Sales Figures

Michael Uslan, from his Reddit AMA:

I think there’s a missing link. How can millions of people go to an Ant Man movie, yet the comic book not sell over 25,000 copies (that would equate to selling 500 copies per state in the US). By the way, this is not a real example, I’m just using Hank Pym as a hypothetical. How can San Diego and New York Comic Cons get 150,000 fanatical fans, yet a typical super-hero comic can’t sell over 50,000 copies in a month? A link needs to be found to unite the movie, TV, animation and videogame fans with the comic books themselves. I would LOVE to hear all your ideas as to how best to accomplish this goal!

Bruce Campbell on comics conventions that aren’t so focused on comics

DC Comics free 8-page previews of all their new and returning series

Archie Kickstarter Canceled

Hoopla’s Digital Comics

Thomas’s Richland Library blog posts about kid-friendly series and adult franchises on Hoopla Comics

Raina noticed me, ahhhhh!

Marguerite Bennett, from the all-female Women in Comics panel at Denver Comic-Con:

I frequently get asked what the “endgame” of women in comics is – “What do women in comics want?” As if we all want the same thing, as if we are all the same person. “What do women in comics want?” My takeaway from the panel was that every woman wants to choose her own path. Every woman wants to make her own way.

Readers advisory for Jennifer (Checklist includes a series with the following elements: Western, Fantasy, Romance, Kick-butt Ladies) – Pretty Deadly, The Sixth Gun, Serenity, Preacher

Original comic that coined “The Bechdel Test”


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Kristin’s Three Picks

1) Lady Killer

2) Batgirl of Burnside

3) Gotham Academy


Thomas’s Three Picks

1) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

2) Groo: Friends & Foes

3) A-Force




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