Secret Stacks – Episode 6

September 2015 – Show Notes
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Episode 6! In this episode, Kristin and Thomas discuss The Hugo Awards, Lumberjanes Issue 17, Image Comics & Hoopla, the Vixen animated show, Duke University & Fun Home, webcomics, the joys of Hawkeye and much more!! They also discuss their three favorite reads for September! Don’t forget to to check out Goodreads So many things! Enjoy!

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Stuff We Discussed

Reading Envy podcast w/Jenny Colvin

Ms. Marvel wins a Hugo award for Best Graphic Story against Saga Volume 3, Rat Queens Volume 1, Lumberjanes Volume 1, Sex Criminals Volume 1, The Zombie Nation Volume 2, and No Award

Dirk Gently TV series coming to BBC America with Max Landis as head writer – YOU’RE WELCOME

Lumberjanes #17 – Jo is transgender. Charlotte Finn of Comics Alliance did a great writeup about this

Hoopla adds Image Comics to their library catalog – first wave includes The Walking Dead, Saga, Morning Glories, Invincible, Chew

Vixen web series on CW’s website and app – six five-minute shorts released weekly on Tuesdays

@MizCaramelVixen – Creator of the #BlackComicsMonth hashtag, good to follow

Raising Dion – first issue available for free! Single black mother raising her superpowered son.

Fun Home controversy at Duke – student Brian Grasso’s argument

“Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men” – the explanation on the show oversimplifies, but the actual facts in this link are more interesting!

Oliver Queen’s showdown with Ra’s al Ghul


Kristin’s Three Picks
Secret Wars Secret Love

Power Up

Jem and the Holograms (related: movie trailer)


Thomas’s Three Picks

Time Killers

Hawkeye (related: The Hawkeye Initiative, Kristin endorses The Rockford Files on Netflix (also on Hulu))


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Secret Stacks artwork by Severin Piehl, creator of Tove

Theme song by Julie Jurgens, who blogs at Hi, Miss Julie! and is on twitter as @himissjulie and@JulieJurgens