Secret Stacks – Episode 8

November 2015 – Show Notes
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Episode 8! In this episode, Kristin and Thomas discuss Supergirl, Superman, Jeb Bush talking crazy about Batman, Jessica Jones, and Legion. They also delve into the mailbag to get some listener feedback and to discuss their ideal Fantastic Four lineups. As always, there the three picks of the month! So much good stuff and all packed into a petite 1 hour episode! Enjoy!

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Stuff We Discussed

Cards Against Librarianship


Storytime Underground’s Guerrilla Storytime

Jeb Bush’s favorite Marvel superheroes

Supergirl on CBS

Legion pilot ordered for FX

Jessica Jones trailer

Justin Guarini reflects on Daredevil


Kristin’s Fantastic Four

Squirrel Girl


Ms. Marvel

America Chavez


Thomas’s Fantastic Four

Squirrel Girl

Silver Surfer

Rocket Raccoon

Capt. Marvel (Monica Rambeau)


Recommendations for big-name superheroes’ starting places: admittedly, answering this question could take up a couple dozen blog posts’ worth of information, but Thomas enjoys tilting at this windmill on his library’s blog. There are posts about Batman, Superman, Weird Batman, Batgirl, Supergirl, DC’s New 52, X-Men, Green Lantern, Daredevil, Flash, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and Naruto manga readalikes.


Then there’s the official CCGC post about Collecting the New 52, DC’s own Graphic Novel Essentials and Chronology, and Comic Book Herald’s Marvel Reading Order Guide. There’s a lot to digest in these links, but we hope they lead to a lot to read on your shelves!



Kristin’s Picks

Spider-Woman:Spider-verse (9780785154587)

Displacement: A Travelogue (9781606998106)

(Readalike: Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? (9781608198061))

Around The World (9780763669256)


Thomas’s Picks

Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes (9780785192138)

Moon Knight (9780785154082 / 978-0785154099 / 978-0785197348)

One-Punch Man (9781421585642)


Honorable Mention: Kristin and I loooved the new Jughead debut!


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Secret Stacks artwork by Severin Piehl, creator of Tove

Theme song by Julie Jurgens, who blogs at Hi, Miss Julie! and is on twitter as @himissjulie and@JulieJurgens