Secret Stacks – Episode 9

December 2015 – Show Notes
SECRET STACKS, your comics in libraries podcast. Episode 9! In this episode, Kristin and Thomas have writer Asher Powell on the show to talk about her comic in the Vertigo SFX anthology KRAK! Kristin discusses her experience at ComiqueCon, they discuss the LCS Valkyries opening up Valhalla to Librarians and they all share their three picks for the month! 50% more comics recommendation! Insight from comics creators! Good times for all! Enjoy!

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Guest – Asher Powell


Stuff We Discussed

A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible

Prez going for full 12 issues

Asher Powell on Twitter: @AsherPowell

Asher on Tumblr: A Thousand Bad Ideas

Lee’s Comics

Comique Con

Valkyries membership is now open to female-identifying librarians


Asher’s Three Picks

Hopeless Savages: Break (9781620102527)

Toil and Trouble #1

Art Ops #1+2


Kristin’s Three Picks

Beyond: A Queer Sci Fi and Fantasy Comic Anthology (9780990995685)

Archie vs Predator (9781616558055)

Damage Control Complete Collection (9780785197904)


Thomas’s Three Picks

Jessica Jones: Alias (9780785198550)

The Omega Men (9781401261535) (Related: William James at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Vinland Saga (9781612624204)


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Secret Stacks artwork by Severin Piehl, creator of Tove

Theme song by Julie Jurgens, who blogs at Hi, Miss Julie! and is on twitter as @himissjulie and@JulieJurgens