Episode 55: That Chill In The Air Is Us Snarking – Wear Flannel

Workin’ out, nerdin’ out, gettin’ the word out! Working the ropes n’ spokes for the new season of The Swole Stacks! 

Rio De Janeiro Mayor tries (and tries, and tries again) to ban Avengers: The Children’s Crusade from a book fair

Cosplayer in residence

Art Spiegelman: Golden age superheroes were shaped by the rise of fascism 

The Far Side 2019?? 

Four Color Fantasies: The Gary Lee Watson Comic Book Collection at the University of South Carolina

Ramona Fradon commissions still available

Autostraddle – queer and nonbinary lifestyle blog

Belgium Comic Expo: The Ninth Art at The Koger Center For The Arts

Kristin’s Pick

Grease Bats 9781684154111

Thomas’s Pick

Stargazing 9781250183880

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